Set Monitoring Policy

To enable the Connections servers to start and stop correctly when using services the monitoring policy must be set.

Using the Web Console to set the monitoring policy

  1. Log in to the ISC
  2. Open each Application Server
  3. Server Infrastructure – Java and Process Management – Monitoring Policy bild4
  4. Change Node restart state to “RUNNING” bild5
  5. Ensure that the configuration is saved before quitting the ISC, when the server is restarted the monitoring policy will be set.

NOTE: Ensure that the monitoring policy is set to STOPPED when applying fix packs and ifixes.

Using a script to set the monitoring policy

Change directory to the /bin directory. Run the config monitoring policy script (

./ -lang jython -f

A prompt is presented asking which state you would like to set stopped, running or previous.


Once complete the script will synchronise the changes to the nodeagents.

Again note that prior to applying fix packs or ifixes the monitoring policy should be set to STOPPED.