Autostart IBM WebSphere Application Server

There are many different ways that you can start the WebSphere Application Servers associated with IBM Connections.

Manually, automatically via a Service or via a script or batch file

Manually takes time and requires my typing or copy and pasting to the command line

Automatically via a service can often be the easiest way to start the servers (assuming the monitoring policy is set correctly) – Set the Deployment Manager and Nodeagents as Services – Register Services with wasservice.bat|sh – Application Servers start and stop through Monitoring Policies


Using a script – run one command and start all the connections servers in one swoop. – Create a windows bat file to start and stop the services – using the windows NETSTART and NETSTOP commands – Download Linux Init Script from Tim Clark & Sharon Bellamy (see resources) – edit the parameters in the script file, copy to /etc/ and run connctrl {start|stop} {0|3|4} {nru} (0=just 1 IC server 3=3 IC servers 4=4 IC servers nru = if you are using a user other than root)